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SOPHO iS3000 series

The SOPHO iS3000 provides a Unified Communications solution combining IP and traditional TDM telephony on one platform: open for future while protecting your existing investment in terminals, applications, and infrastucture.

SOPHO Call@Net

SOPHO Call@Net is a uniform software platform that supports the SOPHO iS3000 series of Hybrid Communication Systems. The architecture of the SOPHO iS3000 is designed to provide mixed IP telephony and traditional solutions, resulting in a hybrid system that combines the best of IP packet switching and traditional TDM technology.

Operator Console

Increase your business efficiency today!!
All SuperVisor consoles and the Desk Console SN753 for our IP switch, cover the communications requirements of any organisation, and give easy access to valuable additional features.

Telephone Sets

NEC Philips Unified Solutions offers a large variety of business phones that ideally fulfills the needs and special requirements of today’s business environment.
The BaseLine analogue telephone is designed for the business user. Complementary to the extensive features that may be expected from luxury analogue telephone sets, the BaseLine offers PBX specific functionality.

Business Mobility

The international DECT standard ensures secure communications by means of very reliable encryption technology.All NEC Philips DECT and IP DECT equipment (access points, handsets) make use of this encryption and can therefore be applied securely. When NEC Philips DECT Access Points and NEC Philips handsets are used the communication is encrypted and cannot be listened in to.

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