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PT. Macocentris Sakti is a telecommunication service provider company. We have main office in Jakarta to cover our customers' needs throughout Indonesia.

Supported with good knowledge and experience in telecommunication, some with 15 years of track records, PT. Macocentris Sakti is trying to provide it's customers with best service and committed quality..

We promote service and products for voice communication solution; and targeting for Small and Medium Enterprise environment and System Integrators. Some of the service can help organizations to cut its cost and increase efficiency in communication.

We also provide security systems and components for a vast array of applications:

Residential - homes, apartments
Commercial - offices, retail, meeting centers
Industrial - factories, warehouses
Institutional - hospitals, corrections
Educational - schools, universities
Public venues - museums, libraries, congress centers
Transportation - airports, train stations

The product portfolio consists of:

SOPHO integrated Service Private Branch Exchange iS3000 series
Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems including state of the art IP- solutions
Access control systems
Intrusion detection and control
Security management systems
Public Address/Voice Evacuation systems
Conference systems
Paging and Personal security systems
Social Alarm systems for the elderly and disabled
Fire alarm systems

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